Immune Health Bundle
Immune Health Bundle
Immune Health Bundle
Immune Health Bundle

Immune Health Bundle

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Immune Health Bundle!

$35 Savings!
Bundle and Save on your Immune Health Supplements this winter!  Fortify your health, support your immune system, promote antioxidants, regulate inflammation, support gut health, and stay healthy with this combination hand-selected by Kelly Engelmann, FNP-BC, and the EWL team!  
Colostrum-LD: Promotes gut health, regulates inflammation, anti-aging attributes, immune response support
Mega D3 Vitamin D: Vital for every cell in the body, supports immune function, bone strength, dental health, metabolism
Lypo Spheric Vitamin C: Antioxidant, immune fortification, supports collagen production, repairs damaged cells
Zinc Glycinate: Promotes immune support, reproductive health, protein metabolism, antioxidant activity
Viral Defense: Supports antioxidant activity, helps fight off illness, promotes natural defense functions

Winter Wellness Tips: 

*Avoid sugar and processed foods, these weaken your immune system and increase your risk of getting sick
*Start each day with a big glass of water 
*Get natural exposure to sunlight and up your Vitamin D intake throughout winter
*Use high-quality supplements to support your bodies natural defense functions